Inspire Cheering

The Cheer Squad

Getting your members to cheer each other on is key to creating a strong community and helping your members getthrough the hardest WODs.

Some athletes will inevitably hate being cheered on, they will hate it because it often means they are last, but at the very least it means they are in the midst of their dark place. But helping them get through the reps means helping them get faster and stronger.

Getting your athletes to cheer each other on completely depends on you, because if you aren’t cheering everyone on, they won’t cheer each other on – so make sure that throughout the whole WOD you are cheering everyone on, the beginners AND the firebreathers. As athletes finish, encourage them to stick around and cheer the remaining athletes on.

Need a fun essay to post to your social media about cheering?

I know some of you hate the cheering, you hate it because maybe it means you were last in the WOD and are still counting off burpees, one slow rep at a time.
Maybe some of you hate staying around, because you have “better stuff to do”.
But seriously? That is what CrossFit is about. That is what makes it successful, that is what makes it better than walking into some Globo Gym and hiring a personal trainer.
So yeah, it pisses me off when I walk into a box, the workout is ending, someone is struggling to finish and people are just sitting around watching, or packing up to go, or worse… gone.
We see our fellow WODers 3-4 times a week, often more than our friends outside the box. We sweat with them, we bleed with them, we lay crumpled on the floor on Saturday morning with them.
They share in some of your greatest triumphs…
and they are still out there struggling through each rep.
So what the hell are you doing dis-interested, checking your facebook posts and inane work emails.
Put down your damn phone, get a little closer and step back into the game. You’re not done yet.
This person is part of your crew, your new family, and you know what, they could use your help.
This person who is experiencing the same awfulness you just went through is in the middle of that dark place.
Your encouragement helps them pick the weight back up.
Your attention focuses their energy.
Your yells drive them forward.
You should care about this person because they will care about you.
You should cheer for this person because they will cheer for you.
And you should be in the game until its over for everyone because that is how its done in our CrossFit community. Each and every one of us, newbie, veteran, competitor, deserves to be pushed by their neighbor.
The athletes who are last today won’t be last tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little get up and go from that dark place.We ALL need a little get up and go from that dark place.

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