Find the redline

Find the redline.

90% of us don’t know where our true redline is.

Yet, we consistently pace the WOD to make sure we don’t hit it, to make sure we don’t reach that burnout zone where muscle failure forces you to crank out one slow rep after another.

We tell ourselves we will get through the deadlifts by doing 4 sets of 3, even though we might be able to do 2 sets of 6 or (dare I say it) cranking out all 12.

We rest after each small piece of the WOD, making sure we don’t run out of gas until we hit the finish line.

We make sure we shy away from our perceived redline.

And in doing so we make sure we never move our redline further back.

Who cares if you burnout in round 4 of 5?

Who cares if you have to strip weight off the bar to after 5 min of a 7min AMRAP?

It’s OK to burnout because you hit the wall.

It’s OK to push so hard you literally can’t push anymore.

It teaches you.

It teaches you what your true capacity is. More so than any amount of pre-thought out pacing can ever do.

Next time you will be stronger and faster.

Next time you will know more about what you can do – instead of what you think you can do.

Next time your redline will be further.

Next time you will know where your redline is, instead of pacing your way around it.

You have to push the redline in order to find it.

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