Boot Camp Journal

You love the feel of that heart pumping workout, the knowledge that you are getting stronger and faster and fitter. Your Boot Camp journal wants to record those workouts and help you get to the next level!

  • Workout Pages – Core strength and cardio sections with notes and goals areas.
  • Information Pages – Quick Guide, Movement Ideas, Nutrition and Fitness basics, travel workouts
  • Benchmarks/Workouts – Bodyweight and Metabolic Circuit Workouts
  • Personal Records – Bodyweight and Metabolic Maxes

The Process of using a Boot Camp Journal

Perhaps the most important part of a journal is the actual act of writing. By writing things down you are treating a tactile linked to your brain, editing down what you’ve done to a digestible format, and internally critiquing your own workout.

When you write down your workout before you even performed it, you start to unconsciously strategize about how to perform at your highest level and figure out the sticking points you’re likely to encounter.

Those pages can also act as a record of your score as the workout progresses and then when you have successfully finished, you are able to quickly and efficiently take very specific notes on how the workout went.

The other thing a boot camp journal allows you to do and perhaps the second most important thing is it allows you to review your prior performance and apply those lessons to your future plans. This goes beyond nearly goalkeeping and checking. If you are noticing a trend in your workouts, and figure out that you PR mostly in the afternoon, then you can apply those lessons to your next major efforts.

The constant review, revised, and plan nature of a journal allows you to really progressed and push your own performance.

Custom Designed Boot Camp Journal pages

With this Boot Camp Journal, we try to create pages that are extremely functional for athletes following a Boot Camp program. To do this we take our own background in fitness and functional movement, along with the decade of experience we’ve had in and around the fitness community to tailor the pages to athletes who are pushing themselves in wods and strength sessions.

All of our Boot Camp journals include over 100 workout pages and tools like goalkeeping and movement ideas to make sure that every athlete has the essentials.

Our beginner Boot Camp Journal has information to help athletes understand how to set goals and how to move right. In addition, we’ve included Fitness Concepts and nutritional Basics to make sure that in those important first few weeks, athletes have the framework for fitness success, and can review the framework that will enable their success.

Our experienced Boot Camp Journal trims a lot of the basic information but replaces some of it with more workouts, giving the experienced athlete more workouts to compare themselves against and push themselves with.

The blank Boot Camp Journal has one goal page and 150 workout pages tailored to Boot Camp workouts. It is for the athlete who doesn’t need anything but a place to record and review their workouts.

Special Hardcore Boot Camp Journal Covers

The outer skin of a Boot Camp Journal is its cover. We’ve chosen hard to source and highly durable polymer paper covers that don’t rip and don’t soak up water. We use a polymer paper because we want to print your cover to match your aesthetic.

While we’ve tried to make a bunch of different covers available to you, if you want to create something for yourself then you can check out our custom cover workout journal or are build a journal products.

We often suggest you put your name or top and goals on the cover of your journal to help inspire you to succeed.

Boot Camp Journal Extras

We know sometimes you need a little more, maybe a few more pages, maybe a pocket to hold your papers in, or maybe a divider to let you easily flip to your personal records section. That’s why we let you add any of those things to your Boot Camp Journal.

You can also add information pages to help take your movements or your nutrition to the next level. We include these in the journal so that you can quickly reference them before or after a workout or when you’re preparing your next meal. These are enormously useful additions which both teach and prepare.