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You love the ability of paper to record your training. It is simple, it is flexible, and it is useful. This custom workout journal is the perfect tool for the athlete who wants a personalized cover and high-quality journal built for their workouts.

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    Standard Journal

    The standard journal includes essential pages for setting and completing goals, tracking your daily activities and recording top performances.



You love the ability of paper to record your training.

This 150pg journal is built to help you set your goals, record your training and review your progess.

If you haven’t already, make sure to PICK or CREATE your cover.

This workout journal is simple and effective.

  • Goals – keep track of the start and finish dates of your goals
  • Workouts – strength and conditioning tables along with nutrition, water, energy, goals, mobility
  • Personal Records – Know your best performances and see your progression

Your workout journal is 150 pages long and sustainably printed just for you.

If you want to pick every page, use the Build a Journal

It’s all about setting goals, recording your workouts and tracking your progress.

The workout pages help you keep track of and improve sleep and nutrition habits. The PR pages keep all your best results in one spot. The goals enable you to set the trajectory of your progression.

Using a Workout Journal

The most important part of a journal is the actual act of writing.

By writing your workout down you create a tactile link to your brain. By editing what you’ve done to a digestible format you internally critique your own efforts and learn from yourself.

Start by writing down your workout before you perform it.

This lets you strategize how to execute the workout at your highest level. It also lets you leverage the power of visualization to optimize your performance.

When you record your score as the workout progresses, you keep yourself present with your game plan.

Then, when you have successfully finished, you are able to quickly and efficiently take specific notes on how the workout went.

Finally, when you use your workout journal to review your prior performances, you can apply those lessons to your future plans. This goes beyond nearly goalkeeping. Your journal lets you notice trends in your workouts, allowing you to apply those lessons to your future efforts.

The constant goal setting, workout recording, review and revise nature of a journal helps you crush your progression and push your performance.

Custom Designed Workout Pages

With this workout journal, we’ve created pages that are extremely functional for athletes following any type of training program. To do this, we take our own background in training, along with years of experience creating thousands of journals, to tailor pages to athletes who are pushing themselves to reach their best selves.

Special Journal Covers

The outer skin of a workout journal is its cover. We’ve chosen hard to source and highly durable polymer paper covers that don’t rip and don’t soak up water. We use a polymer paper because we want to print your cover to match your aesthetic.

We suggest you put your name or top and goals on the cover of your journal to help inspire you to succeed.

Journal Extras

We know sometimes you need a little more. Maybe a few more pages, maybe a pocket to hold your papers in, or maybe a bookmark to let you easily flip to your workout or PR section. That’s why we let you add any of those things to your workout journal.

The Bookmark let’s you record your goals and keep them with your workouts as you move through the journal.

The Pocket lets you keep those random loose papers we all seem to have.

The extra pages give you 25-75 more workout pages, and depending on what workout page layout you chose, from 25-225 more workout entries.

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