Gym Logo Journal

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The Gym Logo Journal is a personalized journal with your gym's logo on it.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your background and colors
  2. Upload your logo (if you need help with it, let us know in the order notes)
  3. Add any text you'd like.
  4. Pick your journal type, contents and workout page

We'll check in with a digital proof to confirm everything looks the way you want and within a few days you'll have the perfect workout journal!

*Please confirm you have permission to use your gym's logo on your journal.

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  • Size – 8.5″ x 5.5″ inches
  • Length – 150 pages, extendable to 225
  • Goals – Goals and SMART Goals pages for optimal goal setting
  • Workout Pages – tailored to your sport
    • Daily nutrition, energy, water and sleep tracking
    • Goal and Mobility Check-offs
  • Personal Records – Tables and pages for common movements
  • Benchmarks – For quick workout creation and reference
  • Cover – Waterproof, tearproof, printed-on-demand

Click on thumbnails to preview the pages

WOD Journal Workout Pages

You need a workout page that helps you thrive. That helps you answer the questions that will make you more effective.  That’s why we’ve created tailored WOD Journal workout pages to make sure your journal fits YOUR needs. We’ve got different versions so you can pick the amount of writing space that you need.

Beginner WOD Journal

The Beginner WOD Journal is for those athletes who are still looking to bridge that gap into comfortable movements and body awareness. This WOD journal gives a few extra tools and diagrams for the more difficult Olympic and Bodyweight movements to help take your game to the next level.

A good general purpose journal that gives you the edge you need.

Experienced WOD Journal

The Experienced WOD Journal is meant for athletes who don’t need the extras, who know their lifts and just want a well-designed journal to keep track of their progress. This wod journal focuses on benchmarks and wod pages so that it will last forever and let you keep track of their progress for longer.

If you know what AMRAP and SDHP stand for, and you don’t need the extra info, choose this WOD journal.

Blank WOD Journal

The Blank WOD Journal sticks to goals and workout pages, and that’s it.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 x .5 in

8.5" x 5.5"


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