CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Book


The CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Journal is designed to give the tools to accelerate your fitness progression. Use the nutrition tips, exercise demos and other excellent info to lift right and get strong safely.

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The CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Book is all about fitness basics.

Sometimes we just want a little extra help, and this is what the CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Book is all about. In it are visual and written cues for getting mobility, nutrition and movement technique headed in the right direction.

We’ve broken down over 33 major movements with visual and descriptive cues, giving background info on the methodologies encountered in a group fitness environment and included tips on getting nutrition primed for the most weight loss and/or strength gain. A perfect companion to one of the regular journals or primer for a person new to strength and conditioning.

This journal is perfect for someone just beginning their strength and conditioning journey or for those who want to nail down the basics and rock out some new PRs. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of improving fitness, body composition or overall health. We’ve included recipes, tips, guidelines and more for eating properly and priming the body for success.
After locking in the nutrition its time to figure out all that movement stuff. That’s where written cues and instructions on stance and execution blend perfectly with visual step by step images to help ‘get’ the movement.

Beyond nutrition and technique, we’ve filled these journals with a ton of other useful tidbits that will help athletes be courteous and well-rounded athletes, with tools and information relevant to athletes of any caliber.

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