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A workout journal should be simple, flexible and useful.

You should be able to easily set your goals, review your progress and record whatever data you want.

Journals leverage the power of the written word, which has been proven again and again to be one of the most powerful methods of imprinting knowledge.

When you write something down, you are far more likely to retain and mentally review that information. This retention is massively important when you think of all of the workouts your athletes are completing on their journey for fitness success. 

A journal should help you improve and focus your efforts

 In today’s world of countless apps and big data, you don’t need more to look at, you need less, you don’t need notifications, you need contemplation.

We combine the power of writing with our knowledge of the most meaningful aspects of athletic success. We introduce SMART goals and provide space for recording goals, water, sleep and nutrition. We focus on goals and PRs while providing tools for weight or pace selection.

By physically writing down goals, workouts and PRs, your athletes are empowering themselves to really know their progression.