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One of our goals at Journal Menu is to help affiliates and physical fitness trainers build a strong successful business. We've written a variety of articles on tools to promote your business, boost member retention and brand your box. To get bi-monthly newsletters with our Quick Tips series, please signup for our Affiliate mailing list


 Conditions of Use


Branding your Affiliate

Choosing the right weights

Affiliate Member Retention

Designing a Paleo Challenge

Educating your members through seminars

Fostering a Strong Community

Gym WOD Photography

Hosting an Athletic Competition

Thinking about Pregnant athletes

Search Engine Optimization Tips


Nutrition Series: Fats

Nutrition Series: Protein

Nutrition Series: Carbs

Nutrition Series: Beans

Nutrition Series: Diets

Nutrition Series: Recipes


Merchandising: Vendors

Merchandising: Equipment

Merchandising: Food

Merchandising: Apparel

Merchandising: Pricing


Coaching and Development: Hiring

Coaching and Development: Training

Coaching and Development: Skills

Coaching and Development: Firing


Competition Team: Preparing Skills

Competition Team: Building Strength

Competition Team: Metcons

Competition Team: Competing


Marketing Tips: Brochures

Marketing Tips: Flyers


Decor: Desigining outdoor signs

Decor: Indoors


Wright Performance: Speed

Wright Performance: Strength

Wright Performance: Skill


Growth and Expansion: Are you ready?

Growth and Expansion: Location

Growth and Expansion: Leases

Growth and Expansion: Build out

Growth and Expansion: Informing Current Members

Growth and Expansion: Opening Day


Inspire me: Coaching

Inspire me: Cheering

 Inspire me: Bad Days