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Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior

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The Spartan Warrior Workout Journal's helm embodies the spirit and mentality of an ancient tribe that owned the battlefield. Represented by the helm of these noble spirits, this journal honors this famed state of Sparta, feared and respected for their strict adherence to the warrior code of simplicity and honor.

The Spartans trained and trained and trained, from their birth they were selected for service and battle and at the age of 7 they began their training in earnest, separated from family into agoges of their peers to learn the art of war and hone their physical capacities.

Use the Spartan Warrior Workout Journal to hone your own physical capacity, training your strength and metabolic system, developing your skills and mental hardness for the journey ahead.

You may not have to fight the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae, or struggle against the other states of Greece to assert your independence and military might, but the Spartan Warrior Workout Journal will help you define your goals and prepare for the uncertainties of life.

By becoming stronger, smarter, faster and wiser, you give yourself the edge to accomplish more and more. Where the Spartans were forged in the fires of battles, you will forge yourself in the fires of your own accomplishment and daily workout ritual.

Let their battles and fortitude inspire you, let their strength and determination guide you, find your inner Spartan.

Use the Spartan Warrior Workout Journal to help you fight your own battles, whether they are to finish your next marathon, create your next art piece, PR that deadlift or magnificently sculpt your body. Use it to become a better you.

Which Journal is Right for You? 

The New to Fitness journal is all about giving access to the basic concepts, movements and information critical to a good start, use this journal if you are new to CrossFit or Fitness training.

The Experienced journal strips out all that information, assumes you know what you're doing and just need a place to record your workouts. Choose this journal if you just want a place to track your workouts and don't need to review any of the finer points of nutrition, movements and terminology.

The Competitor journal is about taking your fitness to the next level and helping you prepare for that competition you're dreaming about. With tapering information, Games workouts and motivation setup for your next win, choose this journal if you're ready for the fun of competition.

You can find each journal's table of contents in the gallery below.

Designing a Cover

Preview the cover options, either by hovering or clicking on the boxes, and choose the ones that you like best.

Once we receive your order we will send you a digital preview of how your cover looks with your compiled choices.

We try to tweak everything to look good but you can request as many changes as you want before we print. Make sure to keep an eye on your email for that preview.

How Long Will Your Journal Last?

That depends on your workout page setup. The number of entries per page determines your journal length, so a 4x Lined workout page will last 4 times as long as a 1x lined workout page, but you'll have less space to write.

If you are worried about how long it will last you can either add in extra pages, or email Erica to find out just how many you will have with the list you choose!

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