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  1. Timothy M.

    This is probably our 6 or 7th time to order logbooks from JM. Each time had been smooth without issues, fast processing & shipping, and great communication. Every previous time, we got in touch with Erica. She is truly great at what she does.

    During our last order, we dealt with someone other than Erica and the experience wasn’t as seedless. We still ended up with an awesome product as usual, just took a little longer and communications wasn’t on par.

    We will continue to use JM as our clients love their logbooks, as well as we do as owners.

    Wholesale Workout JournalWholesale Workout Journal

  2. Tamara L.

    I think this journal will work for the most part. But there a few things that are lacking.

    But first, I love the cover! The construction of the journal is great and the pages are laid out perfectly. And the quotes are awesome!

    I haven’t started using it yet because I have to find a way to add the few things that it is lacking. These are essential for me. It would be perfect if it had the following:
    *A few blank lined pages(maybe that was. An option and I missed it.)
    *2-3 blank weightlifting PR pages(like the ones in the hero’s section) so I can write in some of my own movements
    *a tabbed divider with pockets
    *maybe laminate the front and back covers to protect it from getting bent.

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  3. Janet C.

    I received the beginner version and I’m glad I did. The scaling pages and the pages for tracking your PRs is a great tool. I would rate the journal higher if there were more room to write the daily info. The way the layout worked out, my sections aren’t even and my OCD kicks in that each page doesn’t start out the same. They were printed ok but to maximize the pages, the sections continued rather than start anew. I do feel like that’s my fault for not reviewing the draft closely enough. That being said, the other sections make it worth it.

    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  4. Joanna C.

    The book looks awesome. It will definitely get a lot of use. However, I ordered the 4 entry per page LINED. Didn’t receive the LINED pages. Besides that looks good.

    Basic WOD JournalBasic WOD Journal

  5. Sarah L.

    Impressed by the customer service and the quality of the journal itself. Although I was disappointed by additional handling costs passed to me by Royal Mail and Customs I was refunded these costs very promptly.
    In terms if the picture I used for my cover it did not turn out very defined so choose downloaded images wisely and consult with the excellent staff before ordering.
    Would definitely order again.

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