We set this page up to show reviews and, when possible, to show the covers the customers received. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas.

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  1. The journal is great. Everything looks clean and professional. Suits my needs perfectly.

    I placed the order Jan 10 and didn’t receive the package until the 31st. For the price that I paid for shipping, three weeks is inappropriate. That was the only negative experience working with you guys.

  2. I love the product but considering how many fitness journals are out their the price doesn’t allow for me to make much of the market up.

  3. I love the idea of it all! My biggest problem is I got the 2 workouts/ page one and I can’t fit my workouts in the tiny box. If it was blank pages and still had quotes up too and everything else I’d love it but I can’t even use my other one.

  4. I do like the journal, but I wish it was not so focused on crossfit. I do more Olympic Weightlifting so I wish there was more information on that.

  5. I feel like the book itself is too small. I would have expected the book to be a little bit bigger in size. Not a 8×11, but somewhere in between. Also I would have expected the covers to be more durable so as long as on one would need to use it.

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