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Studies show that journaling regularly can improve your mental and physical health, reduce stress you are experiencing and help you feel calmer throughout the day.

plant-seeds.png Plant little seeds for future success in your journal. Write down things you hope to do, even if you think they are impossible. Over time those impossibilities will become PRs of the past.
solve-problems.png We all hit plateaus in our training. The most effective way to troubleshoot and solve your training problems is to look back at what you have been doing. Are you over training? Under training? Focusing on the wrong skills?
record-your-progress.png Success can quickly and easily be forgotten, leading you to feel like your pursuits are fruitless. Having a journal to flip through reminds you of your past successes and inspires you to make new successes happen.
determine-your-next-steps.png It is difficult to look back without also looking forward. Thus as you journal your WODs you begin to naturally look forward to the next level, the next skills and the steps you need to take to get there.
hold-yourself-accountable.png Have you been skipping your workouts? Giving yourself excuses as to why you can’t lift? Journaling helps you see when you are letting yourself down - and makes it easier to get back in there.
track-goals.png Having the ability to quickly and easily look back at how far you have come and how your work is transforming into you reaching your goals is a powerful motivator - one that will keep you hitting the gym on the hard days.
improve-memory.png The more you journal the more you will remember your lifts, times and tips from your coaches. After writing “knees out” ten times - you might just naturally begin to get those knees out!
your-phone-will-thank-you.png Our journals have rip proof water proof covers and made with durable paper and bindings. When a weight falls on our journals they survivie. When a weight falls on your phone it dies.
valuable.png No one is going to want to get sticky fingers around your journal (unless you have been making such huge games you are heading to the next Olympic trials).