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  • Adding extra pages allows you to extend the life of your journal by adding more workout pages to the workout section.

    The Pocket is a clear vinyl pocket that is attached to the back cover. It allows you to hold loose papers, stickers, paperclips, etc.

    The Goal Bookmark is a cardstock bookmark with two blank tables of goals on one side and a motivational quote on the other. Perfect for keeping your biggest goals available on your active page.


The Fitness Journal helps you focus on your goals, workouts, nutrition and progression.

In it you will find pages dedicated to helping you set the perfect goals, create a nutrition plan, mobilize those tough to diagnose tight muscles and figure out the right workout progression to help you reach your goals. With customizable workout pages and content templates that allow you to track anything from weightlifting to CrossFit workouts, this is the perfect tool to help you reach your fitness goals.


Custom Printed CoversInspire Yourself

Printed-on Demand – We print each cover individually  on a thick, 300 gsm, polymer paper cover paper that is flexible, rip-proof and waterproof. You can choose whatever you want to go on your custom fitness journal and we will do our best to print it beautifully! Covers print almost exactly like the online cover designer, but definitely check the digital proof box if you want a preview of the exact pre-print or need some help.

Goal PagesSet Your Fitness Journal Trajectory

Writing down your goals gives you a 42% better chance of completing those same goals and in your fitness journal we’ve provided you with a large list for you to review and prioritize them in one spot, as well as a goal checkoff on every workout page to remind you to work on your goals every day.

Workout Pages – Easily Track Your Workouts 

Your Fitness journal has different workout page templates specifically designed for your actual workout, laid out to help you write in the meaningful details that aid your improvement. All of the workout pages include a quick section to track your goals, nutrition, sleep and mobility, along with any notes from the day.

Personal Best Tables – Know your top performances

You can use your knowledge of your best performance to plan your lifts, PR attempts and recovery sessions. You can’t go for a back squat max every session, but by keeping track of your lifts and movement progressions in one table, you can schedule your next attempts and work towards new personal records steadily and safely.

Info and Tools – Essential Info kept on-hand 

The Fitness journal has the perfect content to keep you moving forward, from SMART goals to mobility guides and shopping lists, we’ve got the essentials that you need. We’ve also included workout ideas and a movement library to keep your workouts varied and effective, helping you target the same muscles with new movements to initiate new growth!

If you want to pick all your own content, use the Build-a-Journal

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