Stay fit and safe during pregnancy
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Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Journal

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You're cooking a delicious little bun, but that doesn't mean you are ready to put the barbell down and hang up your running shoes. And why would you want to? You've got the most important and amazing workout coming up in a few very short months. Keep yourself fit, brainstorm names and track your doctors appointments in a durable journal that will outlast your gym bag AND your diaper bag.


Owner information
Introduction & Tools
Mama-to-be info (including space for important phone numbers, birth plans, drug allergies and medical history)
Appointment agenda
Quick fact sheet (with OBGYN numbers and space to track tons of tests with their results)
Exam summary (to watch the important numbers like BP, fetal activity and weight over time)
Ultrasound summary
Baby name idea chart
Pre and post-pregnancy goals
Scaling and modifications (because lets be honest, the beautiful baby bump is going to get in the way of burpees amongst other things)
Doc Talk (so you can write down all of those burning questions)
WOD pages (73 come standard, but you can add an additional 25 or 50 to make it last longer)
WOD tracking for the Heroes, Girls and Iconic benchmarks
Body weight movement tracking
Metabolic workout tracking
Weightlifting tracking
Weight percentages and 1RM conversion chart

How many WODs will it track?

The Bump journal comes standard with 96 WOD pages. Your journal will track:
292 WODs with the Spartan 4x, Sophocles 4x or Clean 4x templates
219 WODs with the Spartan 3x, Sophocles 3x, Clean 3x or Strength 3x templates
146 WODs with the Spartan 2x, Spartan food, Sophocles 2x, Sophocles food, Clean 2x, Endurance or Pretty open templates
73 WODs with the Paleo template

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