Creating a fitness journal for your year
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Fit Year

Fit Year

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2015 is going to be YOUR year!! With the Fit Year journal you can keep track of your WODs, PRs and daily meetings in one durable, stylish place. Stay on track, meet your goals and crush resolutions.

You can even amp it up more by adding in some of our inspirational blog posts (The Inspired Year), nutritional information and recipes (The Nourished Year) or tons of movement information for beginners (The Fundamental Year). 



Owner information
Daily WOD and schedule planning
Heroes, Girls and Iconic WOD tracking
Weightlifting tracking (5/3/2/1 RM)
Weight percentages and 1RM conversion chart

How many WODs will it track?

Fit year can track 6 WODs a week, or, if you decide not to write down your weekend plans, 7 WODs a week.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions

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