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Your workout is YOURS

Your workout is YOURS

Posted by Evan Saint Clair on 15th Feb 2017

Despite what's written on the board, your workout will be unique.

Your workout will be different from exactly everyone else's in the entire world.

Why? Because you are the only one in this space, and this time, and this body - so let's respect that.

Sure, there are similarities between you and your lifting buddy, but there's a whole lot of difference too.

So lift a different weight.

Scale the reps.

For you.

Take the time to think about how to make this session or this workout yours. Take the time to learn your body so you can make this as effective as possible.

Because if you don't, you're not going to get the intensity you want, you're going to push too hard or too soft, you're going to injure yourself or not develop properly.

Everybody's body, experience, mindset, etc... is different, so make sure when you plan your workout, you plan it for you.