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​What's your plan?

​What's your plan?

Posted by Evan Saint Clair on 7th Feb 2017

Specifically, what's your plan when you start slipping? Because guess what... It's gonna happen. Soon.

Soon will be a time when enthusiasm is introduced to reality, when you find the first cracks in your resolutions, when work hits full swing, kids have projects, treats are left sabotagingly around the office, when you get a bad night's sleep.

What happens you fall off the horse? Have you thought about it?

I ask because I know you can do this. I know you can right the ship and get back on track. I know this little bump in the road doesn't need to set you back, that you are stronger and better this time.

But it helps to have a plan, a detailed, minute by minute, second by second, ridiculous little plan to give you a some guidance.

So write it. Pull out that dusty old pen and write down your plan for when things get tough..

When you wake up late for your workout, what will you do? Visualize it. Write it...

When you fail the 3rd PR attempt in one session? Try again at glory/injury weight? Or reevaluate with coach, check the diet and come in for a special session next week? Write it...

When you eat half the box of cookies instead of just one, what will you do? Throw the rest out, turn a big failure into a small win, you'll feel better. That's a freebie, just write it down for yourself.

Imagine the setback, it's easy, they've happened before, start with the most common ones. Now imagine what you want to happen, as detailed as you can, so that when and if that setback hits, you're ready.

You've thought about it, you don't need to panic, you've got a plan.

You got this