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​Weakness? or Discipline?

​Weakness? or Discipline?

Posted by Evan Saint Clair on 8th Feb 2017

Every decision in your day is going to boil down to this: the choice between pushing yourself or letting yourself off the hook.

A disciplined mind says yes to the hard things, whether that is adding a little more weight, or scaling it back.

A disciplined mind takes on the challenge right now, in this decisive moment, with all the weight of fortitude and passion.

A disciplined mind gets stronger.

A weak one does not.

So let go of your weakness, push it away, don't let in, because guess what, it doesn't belong here.

You don't need it.

Start with the small decisions; when you set your alarm, wake up. Boom!! First win of the day, follow through, your discipline has increased.

Drink a big glass of water, win number 2, hydrated.

Write down the number one thing you want to get done. Win number 3, mission.

Now get after it.

Discipline or weakness?

What's it going to be?