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​Beast Mode.

​Beast Mode.

Posted by Erica Saint Clair on 13th Feb 2017

You have it in you.

It may not look like the beast mode of Games athletes. It might not look like climbing ropes at a blistering pace, or completing Grace at a sickening speed.

But that is no excuse. We all have a beast mode.

The question is - will you turn it on today?

Will you attack the WOD with such a ferociousness that you surprise even yourself?

Will you move up a level just to see how much you can do?

Will you keep pushing, even after your lungs scream and muscles burn?

It doesn't matter if that happens while you are running a 10 min mile or a 6 min mile.

What matters is that it happens.

Don't get the idea that you don't have a beast mode because you don't Rx, or you aren't a competitor.

You have one.

You just need to dust it off, feel the pain, make the scary choices, and crush the WOD.