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Journal Menu - The Story


We're Evan and Erica, co-founders of Journal Menu.

We aren't professional athletes, we're just people like you looking for something super simple, a way to record our training that isn't dependent on a power button and that looks special, to us.

After years of generic journals tailored to nothing at all, especially not our own athletic journeys, we decided to make the journals we'd always been looking for.

Our approach is simple, you get to choose. You can choose one of our covers, or design one of your own. You can choose from one of the journals we've designed for your sport, or pick each and every page you want in your journal.

We want your journal to be uniquely yours.

Happy journaling!



Our Approach

Journal Menu was built to give you the journal of your dreams. We do everything ourselves, crafting the journal from industrial sheets and printing them on-demand to fit your goals and your journey. By selling direct to you we bypass costs like wholesaling, design storefronts and licensing that have no bearing on your athletic journey.

3 core values define our everyday practice

1. An Amazing Product

Your journal should work perfectly for you and make your life easier by helping you record your workouts and find your previous results. Not only that, we feel it should provide relevant nutritional and motivational info to help take your athleticism to the next level.

2. A Better Experience

We believe you should have the options to create the perfect journal for you. Whether that means you chose one of our carefully crafted journals or design your own from scratch, we've tried to make it simple and easy to create the perfect journal.

3. A Personal Touch

We want to connect with you, hear your story and learn how we can improve our game. You are how we learn what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong and improving our service is what we aim for everyday. We want your journal to be perfect for you, and if its not in any way, please let us know!

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