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The Low Down on our Covers

We believe your journal should represent you, your goals, your desires, your colors and your style.

The Design

We design a lot of journals, way more than we can display on our website, and we realize the ones you see may not represent what you want. That’s why we want you to design your own, either by choosing from the background, clipart and color options we’ve provided, or by uploading your own covers or images for us to play around with.

When we help you design your cover, we promise, it’ll be cool, and if you don’t like it when we send you a digital preview, we’ll redo it, no questions asked, until its perfect.

If you do want to upload your own full cover, the dimensions of a cover are 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches and make sure to add an extra ⅛ inch on all the sides so we can cut it properly.

The Backgrounds

There’s a bunch of ways to make a journal suit you, but one of our favorites is by choosing a unique background. We’ve collected these backgrounds on our way around the block and present them to you to discover and play with.

The Clipart

We’ve compiled specialized tools to help you maximize yourImagery matters, and a picture can tell a thousand words. Clipart can probably tell about 300, but that’s still a lot and we’ve designed our clipart and offer it to you so that it can adorn and hopefully make your journal just that little more special

The Text

There are words that can capture a day, sentences that sum up a year, and paragraphs that explain a lifestyle. If you live by a favorite quote or are inspired by the words of your favorite author or speaker, put them on your journal. Write them into us and we’ll find the perfect spot on your cover to fit their excellence.

The Colors

Our favorite colors are blue and black, and grey… and red, and sometimes green, it varies, but at any given moment there is definitely a favorite. We think you probably have one too and we want it to be on your journal. Let us know what it is and we’ll put it there.

The Materials

We believe your journal should be durable, so we picked the strongest paper we could consistently create beautiful images on. We chose a thick and ink-absorbent writing sheet so there’s no fade through and your pages will last through horridly humid environments (like your gym bag). And because we like to throw things, we chose a flexible plastic binding to make sure your journal survives that toss across the room unscathed.