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The books came in yesterday and look great! Thanks for your help!!

-Anne, Crescent City CrossFit


"JournalMenu is the best. Top notch in quality, customer service and delivery. I ordered my books on a friday and they came in on Monday. Now thats fast. I can't be more happy with the quality of the book and my members love them. It's actually brought even more of a community feel to the strong community we have. I highly reccommed this!"

-Mike, CrossFit Prototype


"JournalMenu ROCKS! Not only are they a wonderful company to work with, they are also amazing people. For such an easy self automated process, Journal Menu takes the time to make sure you get a product that you'll want and use. They even helped us design a journal that fits perfectly into our programming and our athletes daily lives. One of our athletes actually did a fist pump when she saw the journals! We look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future."

-Ari, Mountain Strength CrossFit


“I was blown away by the customer service!  Their responsiveness was amazing, and I truly felt that they cared as much about perfecting our journals as I did.  I would absolutely recommend Journal Menu to any Affiliate looking to provide a great resource for their members.”

-Kevin, CrossFit Trumbull



We just got our journals, they look awesome! Thank you so much!

-Lexi, DTown CrossFit



Thank you for taking the time to go through all this with an order of of just one book!

-Anthony Vennare, Hybrid Athete


I can’t tell you how much I loved the books. Everyone is extremely pleased with the books and they bring them to class every session.

-Tony, CrossFit Liberty



They are incredible! Lots of positive feedback from athletes. Just
starting to push sales now. Sure they will be a hit. Thanks again for
all your hard work. We will def be a repeat customer! 

-Jeff, CrossFit Impulse



They got here and my members love them!! You were great dealing with as well. I've been approached by a few companies like yours but knew I'd use you when I was ready. You were very professional and personable. Thank you 

-Patty, CrossFit Fusion


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