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Help Your Members Succeed

You know they need to know their numbers and record their workouts.

Why? Because it works. Recording works. And the best way to record is with a journal.

Help them remember what they lifted, how they felt, what they ate, their PRs, their goals. Help them help themselves.


CrossFit Orange New York's custom foundation journal

"They are wonderful! Just what we hoped for..."

Barry decided he wanted to tailor an Onramp manual to his gym, but they wanted tracking as well. So we designed their journals to match up with their On Ramp program, and then included enough WOD pages and benchmarks to get their athletes through the first 6 months.

Things you can add to a custom foundation Manual

  • Movement Diagrams
  • Custom Benchmarks
  • WOD Tracking
  • Breakdown by days
  • Coach signoff

"We Loved them"

""We had a great response to the design and content."

-Thanks again, Angela

Angela is a captain in the Air Force and wanted to create a set of journals that would help the members of her squadron with their training.

We customized her WOD pages, designed a pretty sweet cover using her provided logo.

Turns out, the air force tried to ship her journals to Oklahoma, not Massachusetts, but we were able to track down her packages and redirect them to her new base where her squad rocked them out.

Hanscom Warrior Training Center's custom workout journal

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