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About Us

We started creating exercise and nutrition-related books and journals about a year and a half ago for local gyms in the Boston area. Through a fairly unorthodox path of physics, photography and design school we decided to pursue Journal Menu in order to fill what we saw as a gap in high quality, affordable custom journals for athletes and gyms.

It is our goal to make sure athletes have these journals because we believe they are indispensable tools to help acheive goals regardless of size or scope. We're expanding our product line as fast as we can to help meet the diverse needs of people who are working hard to become fit around the globe.


Coach Blue is developing her LaraBar coaching technique


We are a husband and wife team who got started after our friend, Neal Thompson of CFBoston, asked us to make some journals for his gym. Isabella joined the team once she figured out enough words to give technique and design critiques, although we're still trying to figure out some of her commands.

Since we began orders have flooded in but we’ve maintained our goal of a custom experience and great customer service for each client. Life is busy, but we love it, and we invite you to join our journal family. We hope to meet and see you soon!


If you have any questions about what JournalMenu can produce for you, don't hesitate to drop us an email at info@journalmenu.com.

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