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Journal Menu - The Story

We make journals. For athletes. We kind of fell into it.

That’s it, that’s our story.

Well, not quite.


{Begin internal narration in English accent}

The first year was a bit racuous, or rather, it was kind of like piloting a plane while only wearing a diaper and smoking a pipe, confusing and exciting at the same time. Erica was pursuing her physics PhD with gusto while Evan was retiring from the wonderful world of homeless charities to give landscape architecture a go. That is, she was busy being super smart and he was trying to design lawns. Nice lawns.

Somewhat simultaneously they designed a nutrition log and a fitness journal for a friend. He really liked it, and so did a few other people at their gym so they started making more, and more, and more…

Shortly thereafter they had a baby, made some more journals, started a photography business, made some more journals, quit architecture school, more journals, got a PhD, more journals, had another baby, more journals, drove a moving truck to Seattle, more journals…

Over the years, they’ve whittled down their idea to something quite specific; making cool fitness journals for athletes like you to keep track of stuff in.

{End English accent narration}


That’s it, that’s what we do.

We work with you to make the perfect journal. For you.

Cool cover, check. Right kind of workout page, check. Specialized info for your goals, check. Way more durable than your phone, check! Much more, check!

We want you to love your journal, we want it to help you keep track of those lifts and workouts and benchmarks and nutrition and mobility and all the rest of that stuff you KNOW you should keep track of.

We want to help you find your progression and train smarter.

And most of all, we want you to be happy, because that’s the best part of life.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Evan & Erica


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