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About Journal Menu

Journal Menu was developed after trying to find a journal to fit the needs of a friend, and when we were unable to, we built our own.

There were tons of journals out there, just nothing specific to our needs, nothing tailored to the athletic journey we were on.

Its important to track your progress, your ideas, your whimsical fantasies, because you can learn from those thoughts. You can learn from the fact that you deadlifted a barbell at 135lb on Mar 2, 145lb on Mar 31st, and 155lb on May 3rd. 

You can go back and revisit the experience of wandering past a frozen lake or log the miles of your run and how your nutrition affected you. Journaling improves your memory, your consistency and your outlook on life, because you can go back and review why its all going so great, or figure out what's been going wrong.



We work with you to make the perfect journal. For you.

Cool cover, check. Right kind of page, check. Specialized info for your goals, check. 

We want you to love your journal and we want it to help you keep track of your life's moments

Evan & Erica


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